Saturday, June 11, 2011

When neither coupons nor prayer is enough. . .

. . . . I do my best to earn money through my crafts. I make and (try to) sell my creations on Check it out here.

But, business is dreadfully slow and Mr. Coupon and I are in desperate need of some funds. I need ideas, any and all. Right now i make burp cloths and bibs, tote-bags,hair/shoe clips,hand painted terracotta pots,wooden mobiles and clay ornaments. . . .and I am willing to try my hand at anything and everything, if it will get people to buy. :)
So, my dear readers. . all 3 of you . . that is where you come in! I need to know what you all are in the market for. What things do you love? What can you not resist that is hand-made?

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  1. How about diaper wipes covers? Change purses? Personalized reusable coffee/soda cups?

  2. Depends on how handy you are with sewing machine, cloth wipes,and not-paper towels seem handy on diaper swappers. I have seen reusable swiffer dusters and wet jet cloths. Cloth diaper wetbags you could probably sell them on ebay. i would peruse the wahm section of diaper swappers see if u get any ideas :)