Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Amazing Stain-Removing De-Funkifier Review

A couple of weeks ago I shared my recipe for my "Amazing Stain-Removing De-Funkifier" (if you missed it,check it out here )

It has been about a month since I first started using this solution on my cloth diapers as a last ditch effort in the battle of stinks and stains. And I am SO happy to report that ALL of my stink issues are HISTORY, set-in stains are not completely gone but defiantly lightened and new stains don't happen. It even has some extra benefits ; the vinegar acts as a fabric softener and all of my dipes are almost as soft as when i bought them.

AND, this stuff is so amazing, it also cleans my bathroom, my toilet and hard water stains, and I even use it as a dish detergent and my dishes are cleaner then they have ever been.

I am honestly amazed how AWESOME this stuff works, and the uses are absolutely endless!


  1. This is simple and cheap - I am sold! And a new follower :)

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  3. Welcome aboard! We're so excited to have a new follower :)