Saturday, June 4, 2011

Praise the Lord and Pass the Savings!!

Thrifty shoppers and home-makers, REJOICE!

 All*You magazine has just added the most AMAZING section to their site!  It is called the Grocery Circular Round-up, and just as you may infer from the title, it searches all of your local grocery store's sales ads and tells you what is on sale and what has coupons that week! It has a bunch of cool features, including the "Search by Item" tab. All you do is click on that tab, type in your shopping list and press "find savings" ; the search engine browses all of your local stores and generates a list of what items on your list are on sale at what particular store and how much the item costs.

As a mama on a budget, the best part of this whole thing is that this service is FREE! No monthly dues or fees or even a secret handshake! I am seriously jumping up and down with excitement, that's just how awesome this feature is! Also, for those of us who are more health-conscious and organic, the search engine also includes natural food stores such as Whole Foods(if you have one near you) and even includes printable coupons from said natural-foods store. So it really is a win for everyone, go check it out!  Weekly Circular Round Up

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  1. cool great post i can use the coupons but i doesnt have my local store :) thx for the tip