Monday, June 27, 2011

Hidden Savings-Gems South of Boston

Hello my loyal followers!

It has been quite awhile since i have shared with you folks and boy do i have lots to share! I know in the past  my posts have been more about crafting and cooking than actually shopping and saving money; but all that is about to change. . . .  RIGHT NOW!

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As some of you may know, i live in good ole Massachusetts, about 30 minutes south of Boston. And it can be down right difficult to catch good bargains out here(they don't call it Tax-a-chusetts for nothing). But, i do manage to only spend about 65-70 per week for a family of 3, and i think that isn't bad at all, especially for where i live. Since I'm all about helping your fellow man (or woman), i thought i would compile a small list of stores that i go to. Some of these may surprise you, others may make you give the computer the side-eye and say "no DUH!" Just keep on reading, and hopefully i will help you save just a bit more moolah for youlah (heheh).
Please note: i am not getting any sort of kick-back for these reviews and the list is in no particular order.

First up, Candy 'N Mor , located at 955 W. Chestnut St, Brockton,MA 02301. At first sight, this looks like BJ's evil twin brother and your first instinct may be to run away to a more streamlined store. But i implore you to at least go inside, you will not be disappointed. Despite the name, this store has a large variety of items for so cheap you will find yourself looking over your shoulder for a well dressed man with a hidden camera; but no worries, its all very legal :) The reason the prices on their food is so cheap is that a lot of the food's exp. dates have just expired, they are about to, or the packaging is slightly damaged. As many of you may know, the exp. dates on foods are usually just ballpark guesses from the manufacturers, so that they don't get sued. That being said, use your discretion and check the labels, because this store DOES carry food that is not yet expired(if you are queasy about eating food past the date). Along with food, they also carry everything from candy to house-hold products to office supplies and back, all at excepional prices. If you are skeptical about just how good the prices are, let me share with you my recent scores at this hidden gold-mine of savings.
At my last trip i got:
1 6LB can of sliced pears, still well within exp date for 1.99
96 oz bottle of juice-2.99
24 pack of green tea bags-.99
1 bottle of terriaki marinade-.99
15 pack of scrubbing sponges for .99
3 pack of ice cube trays-.99
24 pack of assorted plastic cutlery-.25

Now, if that list doesnt convince you, i don't think you have any buisness reading this blog, because those are some KILLER savings!

Next up is Aldi's food store, these stores are fairly national, but i go to the closest one near me, in Taunton, MA.
I like this store because anything i can't(or wont) buy at Candy N Mor, i can buy at Aldis for just as cheap or cheaper. 90% of the food they carry is Aldi brand so they can sell  for way less then other grocery chains who buy from a distributor.  The items at Aldi's are just as good, or even better than the leading national brand names and are half the cost. I actually prefer the Aldi's brand corn chips than say, Doritos or Fritos. You can get all of your canned,boxed and frozen foods here for amazing prices. The only items that I have found cheaper elsewhere is lunch meat, cheeses and  meat(steak,pork, turkey etc)

Last, but most certainly not least, is Dollar Tree stores. I don't have a specific store I go to, as they all pretty much have the same deals and merchandise, more or less. I buy all of my party supplies,pregnancy tests and office supplies here(if i can't get what i need at the Candy N Mor store). The only warning i will give is that it is very, VERY easy to get sucked into the "everything's a dollar" vortex of spending. So i suggest making a list and sticking to it, so as to not faint from sticker shock when you check out.

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  1. I have to stay out of the Dollar Tree because they always have such neat stuff and I want to buy it all :)