Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No-Mess Pancakes

 For me, feeding BabyCoupon breakfast is the hardest time of the day. Figuring out something to give her that she will actually eat,won't stick too badly to the floor and won't be a nightmare to clean out of her hair is a challenge, to say the least. Throughout the months and months of sticky,messy,oy-vay, trial-and-error, i have found out that pancakes seem to be a favorite of hers. Now, pancakes are easy enough to make and aren't all that hard to clean off the floor or out of her hair.  But, who eats pancakes WITHOUT maple syrup? Not my child, that's for sure!
As we all know, maple syrup is notorious for being sticky and messy and just plain a pain in the rump to clean off of anything, especially a squirmy worm like my 16 month old. So, i set out on a mission to figure out how to give her the same sweetness of maple syrup, without all of the maple syrup mess.. .

. . enter the "no-mess pancakes"! Now, this is a very simple creation, and i am most likely NOT the first person to come up with the idea. Nonetheless, i do feel like a genious :)

No Mess Pancakes

Complete pancake mix of your choice
Maple Syrup
Cinnamon (optional)

Prepare pancake mix according to package. Drop 2 tbs of batter into pre-heated skillet. As soon as the first bubble appears on the pancake, drizzle syrup onto the pancake. Cook 1-2 minutes more then flip, cook until each side is golden-brown. . . VOILA! Yummy,no-mess pancakes that your child will enjoy eating,an you wont mind cleaning up.

Also, for a fun twist, we like to use pancake molds like those show below :)


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