Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cardboard. . .not just for your shoes any more!

This is yet another re-purposing post. :)
If you are anything like me, you have stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes just collecting dust  and taking up space in your house. Where we live, it is difficult to recycle, so if I can, I reuse and re purpose as many things I can.
I LOVE to craft. Anything crafty, I'm right there. Unfortunately, because of that love of crafting, I have TONS of crafting supplies and fabric; not to mention all of the finished projects. So, as I was looking around my house today, I got the idea for the Cardboard Craft Organizer

Cardboard Craft Organizer
You will need:

3 large boxes
3-6 small trays/boxes (number depends on what you are storing)
wrapping paper or brightly colored fabric
packing tape
hot glue gun
thin wooden dowels

Gather your boxes

If your boxes have flaps, cut them off  to leave four clean edges .

Take two boxes that have similar depth/width and attach them ,long sides together,with hot glue

Take the two boxes you attached together, and glue them to your base box (i suggest using a sturdier weight box for the base, like a water case) Stabilize the two sets of boxes by taping the edges with packing tape.

Cut out a notch about 6" deep out of the top of the top boxes.

About 3" inches in, notch out 4 parallel, triangle notches that are 1" deep and 1" 1/2 wide

Cover your smaller boxes with the wrapping paper/ fabric  and packing tape and place your wooden dowels into the notches at the top.

Load your fabric and ribbon into the organizer and sit back and admire your green, crafty creation!

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