Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reduce,REUSE and recycle.

With everyone going "green" and being more earth-conscious, the phrase "reduce,reuse,and recycle" has become pretty popular. I am in no way as "crunchy" or "green" as I should be. Truth be told, most of the "green" things I do are to help our bottom line, the fact that they happen to help the earth is a nice bonus. :) I use cloth diapers,cloth wipes make my own stain remover,all purpose cleaner, and dish detergent and use reusable bags as much as possible. Unfortunately, i do not recycle as much as i would like, but I DO reuse quite a bit.

Here are a few ideas:

Plastic bottles and containers: wash out your Cool Whip container and use it to store left-overs; rinse out your Windex bottle and use it to store your own home-made cleaning products

Wrapping paper: Need to make a pattern but have no shipping paper or grocery sacks lying around? No problem! You can use some of those rolls and rolls of wrapping paper you have leftover from Christmas. Just un-roll the paper so that the printed side is down, trace and cut what ever pieces you need and VOILA a brand new pattern!

Fabric: Need to wrap a gift,but don't have any wrapping paper or tissue? No problemo! If you have some scrap pieces of fabric lying around, you can either sew them together to make a scrappy-wrap(tutorial coming soon) or just use a large piece of fabric and tie with a ribbon. Also,if you don't have any fabric,you could use newspaper,paper sacks or shoe boxes as fun and creative gift wrapping.

Old T-shirts: Old Ts make AWESOME cleaning rags,diapers,dresses,different styles of shirts.. . .  The possibilities are truly endless

Do you have any tips or tricks on what you re-use and re-purpose? Comment and let me know! I am always game for a new project!

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