Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hand-made Christmas: Tile Coasters

Have you ever gone to the store to buy something, and then not end up buying it because the cost was just outrageous? That is the  feeling i used to have about coasters; but not anymore! I stumbled upon a tutorial for ceramic-tile coasters here via Pinterest(LOVE this website!) I followed the basic instructions but changed a few things, so here is my version of the tile coasters:

You will need:

6 white 4" ceramic tiles(.16 at Home Depot)
2-3 sheets of 12x12 Scrapbook paper of your choice
Home made modge podge*
Scrapbook stickers(these are optional and add a little bit to the final cost, but i decided to use them to make my coasters even more special to the person they are for)
Felt/silicone furniture pads(the silicone ones are called "bumpers" for some reason) 1/2" diameter
Acrylic sealant spray
Paper cutter

Cut your scrapbook paper down to size. If you have a Cricut, i suggest using that since it makes this step much quicker, but a good 'ole trusty paper cutter will do the trick if you don't have a cricut.

After the paper is cut down to size, line up your tiles.

Spread a thin layer of your "modge podge" on the tile first, carefully lay your scrapbook paper onto the tile and carefully smooth out any air bubbles.  Spread another thin layer on top of the scrapbook paper, set aside to dry.

Repeat until all of your tiles are covered with the paper.

If you are using stickers, place the sicker where you want it on the tile, cover in a thing layer of "modge podge" and set aside.

Put 2 or 3 three more coats of "modge podge" on each tile, letting them dry fully before applying the next coat.

Turn over and adhere your "bumpers" to the  bottom of each coaster.

Spray with the sealant, step back, and admire your awesomness!

Price break down:

Tile: 6 tiles, at .16ea. Total price  : .96
Paper- 1.48(for 3 sheets)
Stickers- 2.24
Bumpers/furniture pads-3.74

Total- $8.42*

*These were more expensive because i decided to go with the silicone bumpers and stickers, i made another set without stickers and with felt bumpers, the price break down is below:

Without Stickers/silicone bumpers:

Tiles: .96
Paper: 1.00(4/$1 sale, so .25ea)
Felt pads 1.84

Total- $3.80

*How to make your own modge podge:

Pour 4oz of elmers glue into a container at least 9oz deep
Fill elmers bottle with hot water up to the top, but not over flowing
Pour into the container you poured the glue into
VOILA! Modge podge!

If you decide to make these, let me know!! Comment here or shoot me an email at !

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