Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Hidden Blessings of being Unemployed.

Recently my husband was let go from his job, and i have been unemployed for about 7 months. Needless to say, this has left us with little to no money in the bank, even less in our pockets and an ever-growing stack of bills about to bury us at any moment. .
Being the crazy control freak that i am, letting go of the control and facing the completely unknown and uncharted waters was more difficult then i can ever put into words. I started to worry about how we were going to eat, where we would live after we (inevitably) got thrown out of our home. . . etc. The worry just about consumed me, then, out of nowhere, windows started opening and light started to filter into my dark corner.
Those "beams of light" came in the form of generous,beautiful friends and family; encouraging words, a few dollars, love and support came flowing in. I started to see that my problem wasn't that i had no hope, it was that i was giving up the hope i already had. I was looking down at my feet, only seeing the muck and myer that was weighing me down. When i finally decided to look up, i saw many, many hands reaching down, offering me a hand up. All I had to do was reach up and take them. As obvious as it may seem, friends are a huge blessing in the time of need (and all other times ,too,of course) that i just had not noticed before now.

As my friends surrounded me and started to lift me up, i started being able to see the blessings of being unemployed that i was missing before.

We are now able to spend more time together as a family,
My husband and I are closer than ever before(but we do still fight)
We are becoming MUCH more thrifty and even more creative then before
We are seeing the sliver lining to things more easily


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