Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hand-Made Christmas: Printed Candles

Hello my lovelies!

I'm so sorry my posting has been so sporadic as of late, life is marching on and I'm running behind it, out of breath yelling "waaaiiitttt!!"  After you finish giggling uncontrollably at that mental image, read on to learn how to create your very own stamped candles!

I based my candles off of the tutorial above(Hint: clicking the picture will bring you to the tute) But, as with everything, i just HAD to make mine a bit differently (lol).

So here's the DIY Printed Candles: The Coupon Way:

What you will need:
  • Candles (any size or color will work, just be sure to pick ink color and stamp size accordingly)
  • Pigment Ink pad (the original tute will tell you to use the washable,non-pigment ink for health reasons, but i chose to use the pigment ink. It is your choice)
  • Rubber or Acrylic Stamps
  1. Pick out your candle color and size, your stamps and your inks

2. Lay stamp with rubber side up, and pat your ink pad onto the stamp until the whole stamp is covered in ink(you don't need a ton of ink, just enough to lightly cover the stamp)

3. With firm even pressure, carefully roll the candle across the inked stamp. Try to roll the candle in a even, straight line so that the image lines up on all sides.

4. Set your candles aside to cure for 24hrs.

5. Admire your handy work and give them to others to enjoy!

Price Break down:

Set of  6 votives : 2.49
Ink pad: 1.00
Stamps 2 @ .75 and one on hand : 1.50
 Total: 4.99 ( that's .83 a candle)

*These could be made for cheaper or for free if you have all of these supplies on hand

Did you decide to give these a try? How did they come out? Share your handy work! Comment below or email me at Sararwenzel@aim.com!

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